About Us

In March 2020, when Melbourne had been hit with Aussie job losses, companies downsizing and closures of businesses small to large.
The introduction of social distance measures and business restrictions, were all in response to a worldwide pandemic COVID-19, saw the beginning of a new business venture

‘iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions pty ltd’.

This adaption of wholesaling and brokerage online, was to fit into this new world of working from home, contactless delivery, the increase of browsing and shopping online, and of course – the new era of car buying and selling.

A difference to our business is that we’re truly working for the customer and can offer a human approach, it’s been a tuff couple of years, wouldn’t you agree? So every dollar we save you, we consider a win. But its okay, we are going to save you more than a dollar – how does hundreds, maybe thousands sound?

Give us a try when thinking about buying your next car, we won’t let you down.

Industry Knowledge

Did you know? Dealers come to us to have their cars priced and valued because of our industry experience, knowledge and because we are just that good at giving an accurate value of any given car!

Our team have had multiple roles in the automotive industry within multiple large franchise groups, across the top ten selling car brands including luxury.

Their roles have come from humble beginnings of a sales cadet to Used Car Sales Manager, New Car Sales Manager, Finance Manager, General Manager and even General Sales Managers. Lets not forget our customer service representatives that go above and beyond to assist you.

Buying Power

Ever heard of the saying ‘Never burn your bridges?’

Well this is why our buying power is so strong. Building relationships is a very strong business tool to have and it’s one tool that’s inbuilt within our management team since the humble beginnings of their working careers.

Relationships formed with work colleagues, dealership owners and managers, brand managers, finance broker firms, aftermarket companies, fleet managers, other dealer groups, auction houses. The list just goes on…!

We value our business connections within the dealerships and groups who we hold in high standing. In return of giving them continued business, they give great deals for our customers only we could acquire.

Tools And Tips when selling your car

If your looking to sell your car with us, here are a few handy tips to consider before calling us!

  • Is it clean and presentable inside?
  • Does it have any dents and scratches?
  • Does it have service history with books?
  • Does it start? (dont laugh its a legitimate question)
  • Condition of tyres?
  • Has it been in an accident?
  • Any engine lights on dash?
  • Does it come with RWC?
  • How much registration is left on the car?
  • How many kms on the clock?
  • Auto or Manual transmission?

We are not asking for all this to rate highly and more, simply be prepared to give us an honest answer to these questions, so we can give you an honest value of what we can offer for your car in today’s market.