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Our selling service is another free service we offer.

  • Saves your time and hassle.
  • We offer top dollar.
  • We come to you.
  • We do the paperwork.
  • No RWC needed.
  • Free selling service. No fees.
  • Faster than selling privately.
  • Quick and easy payment.
  • We pay out any existing loan contracts.

What we do require is an honest description of your vehicle.
First check out our tools and tips on what questions we will ask when using our service.

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How much is my car really worth?

Generally, selling your car privately will ‘maybe’ get you the better price for your vehicle.

In this price did you account for the cost and time put into your marketing?

The time it takes to reply and answer questions.

Inspections and negotiations attempts and of course all the low ballers trying to offer you $3000 or more – less than your asking price.

We mustn’t forget the people not showing up for appointments.

After all that time and hassle you may just get lucky with the perfect buyer to pay your asking price.

In reality you probably had to drop your asking price by a couple thousand dollars just to get the sale months later, only after realisation sinks in that you can’t actually sell it for the rrp a dealership would charge

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Did you consider what dealerships offer in the price of their vehicles?

  • Usually drive away prices, which covers stamp duty and RWC.
  • Immaculately presented, spotless inside and out.
  • Dents and scratches have been removed.
  • The engine has been serviced and looked over by their expert service department.
  • Mechanical sound and all working parts.
  • Staff costs.
  • Cars take up real estate on the car yard dealers pay rent on.
  • On top of that they will give a warranty guaranteeing their car after delivery.

All this takes the dealership time and money.

So next time you think about ‘how much is my car worth?’ Selling privately, think twice before charging what a dealership would, unless you want to sell it with a warranty too?

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